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At Global Island, we are here to make your holiday amazing and affordable at the same time. Find and compare hotel and flight prices on the internet and find the best deals fast. Offering you the best flight and hotel prices, our platform enables you to compare different prices offered by leading reservation systems, so you can find the cheapest option within minutes.

Founded in 2016 by an Sri Lankan a visionary travel and tourism personality with more than 10 years of experience in the industry, whose saw the problem with finding the best booking deals on the internet, Global Island’s one and only aim is to help travel enthusiasts stop paying more than what they have to pay for their vacation. Bringing all the flight and hotel prices offered by leading reservation systems via affiliate programs onto one screen, we help you compare all the prices at a glance and find the best deal.

Global Island currently provides aggregated information on more than 250000 hotels and 728 airlines flights over 205 countries working together with more than 10 online reservation systems including Booking.com, Agoda.com, Hotels.com and Expedia.com and more…

All you have to do is enter your details and click search and you’ll get a list of search results from which you can select an option with the best price.

Utilizing the cutting edge, technology we’ve developed our platform to be easy to use and convenient. Although we are not involved in the payment process we ensure you a secure path to reservations systems from where you can proceed with the booking process. With a number of filters and search options, Global Island promises you a convenient solution, so you don’t have to spend hours searching for the right deal.

Compare prices and book the best deal. Stop paying more than what you have to pay for your holiday; Not any more when Global Island is here! 


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